Stable Supply System

Okayama Factory

Okayama Factory is located between Shinkurashiki Station and Fukuyama Station on the Sanyo Shinkansen Line and the Kamogata and Kasaoka Interchange on the Sanyo Expressway. It was completed in 1985 as a production base for a stable supply of dialysate and infusion solutions for artificial kidneys, with a factory, power building, distribution center, quality control building, and office building (total floor area of 27,000 m2) on a site of approximately 50,000 m2.

Site area 49,236㎡
Location9033, Satomi, Satoshocho, Asakuchi-gun Okayama, 719-0301 GoogleMap
Manufacturing itemsDialysates for artificial kidneys, infusions, and injections (plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic ampules, dissolvers with injection needles, and small ampules)

Western Japan dialysis and infusion manufacturing base

Glass ampule product sterilizer inlet

Preparation and feeding tanks

Conveyor for dialysate packaging process

    Manufacture of dialysate and infusion solutions in various forms

    The Okayama factory is responsible for manufacturing the liquid and liquid/powder forms of Fuso Pharma’s dialysis products, of which Fuso Pharma has the largest market share. It also produces infusion solutions in various forms, including plastic bottles, bags and ampoules.

    To prepare each type of drug solution, we have large tanks for dissolving, adjusting and pumping the drug solution.

    In-house manufacturing facilities

    Electrical design

    In-house machining of parts using NC lathes

    In-house manufactured production equipment

      Contributing to a Stable Supply with High Technical Capability

      More than half of the production equipment at the Okayama Factory is manufactured in-house by the Factory Facilities Division.

      In-house fabrication enables an immediate response to any problems that may arise with this equipment.

      Certifications, awards, and initiatives of the Okayama Factory


      1990JulyExcellent Greening Factory
      Chugoku Bureau of International Trade and Industry Director-General’s Award
      1992SeptemberExcellent Greening Factory
      Minister of International Trade and Industry Award
      2006JulyOccupational safety and health
      Okayama Labor Bureau Director’s Award of Excellence
      2016JuneOccupational safety and health
      Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Encouragement Award