Stable Supply System

Joto Factory

The Joto Factory is located about  500m east of Morinomiya Station on the JR Loop Line and Osaka Metro. It has supported Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries’ production since its completion in 1957. It consists of the No. 1 and No. 2 injection   factories, with an adjacent multi-story automated warehouse.

Site area 6,846.03㎡
Location2-3-11, Morinomiya, Joto-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 536-8523 GoogleMap
Manufacturing itemsInfusions and injections (plastic bottles and pre-filled syringes), in-vitro diagnostics, medical devices and in-vitro fertilisation-related products

Manufacture of pre-filled syringes and in-vitro fertilization-related products

Pre-filled syringes

products related to infertility treatment

    Products that “Supporting Life, Nurturing Life”

    Joto Factory is one of Fuso Pharma’s four factories. It manufactures prefilled syringes and in-vitro fertilization-related products.

    Certifications, awards, and initiatives of the Joto Factory

    Certification obtained

    Quality management system-ISO 13485:2016


    2023OctoberOsaka City Waste Excellent Building Awarded    Osaka City  Director-General’s Commendation