About Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd. Management Principles

Management Principles

  1. Our company is a closely knit community bound together by a common destiny, whose members not only intend to provide for their own happiness and material needs, but also want to make a contribution to a society by making the most of the company’s activities and size.
  2. However, with social interests only in mind, companies would not survive nor could individuals be guaranteed a decent lifestyle.
    Companies engaged in the manufacture of drugs are closely connected with people’s health and lives.
    Therefore, they are bound to live up to high ethical standards, and only those companies who adhere to such principles can keep prospering.
  3. We aim at fulfilling our duty as a pharmaceutical company, at maintaining harmony within our organization, at making a contribution to society and at keeping all our members satisfied.
    This can be achieved by means of concentrated efforts with all of us in the organization working as one team.


  • Business policies matching the concept of doing a public services as well.
  • Business efforts involving all of us in the organization and working as a team.
  • “After sorrow comes joy”.Deliberate in council, open to discussion, and resolute in action.
  • Equality of all our members in order to cultivate and maintain harmony.
  • “To provide for and guarantee” a life worth living.

Corporate Symbol


Our company emblem, a bunch of grapes, symbolizes glucose which is in deep connection with our company since its foundation, as well as the harmony, noble character and solidarity of our employees.


Purple, the symbol of grapes, has been revered and cherished as a noble colour since ancient times.
We use this purple color as our corporate color, which evokes the image of “trust” and “stability,” which in turn is derived from “nobility.

About Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.