About Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd. President’s Message

At Fuso Pharmaceutical, we hold a profound awareness of the gravity of our mission and responsibility in contributing to life-related industries. Since 1943, we have been manufacturing essential medical products.

Based on the concept of “Supporting Life, Nurturing Life,” we are engaged in developing dialysis solutions for artificial kidneys and various products related to infertility treatment.
The grape design motif in our corporate emblem serves as a tribute to our origins as manufacturers of glucose injectables. Today, our main products are dialysate solutions for artificial kidneys.
Our journey into dialysis solutions began in the late 1950s, soon after hemodialysis was introduced in Japan. We launched our first perfusion solution for artificial kidneys in 1964.
Over the years, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the medical community, hemodialysis has become an integral part of the lives of around 350,000 Japanese.
As a leading manufacturer of dialysis solutions, we have been actively involved in the expansion and development of dialysis treatment since the early days of dialysis therapy. We continue to strive hard every day with a sense of pride and accountability.
Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of basic pharmaceutical products essential for medical treatment, such as dialysis supplies, infusions, and injections. Our social obligation is to ensure a stable supply of these products, given their distinctive nature. With mass production facilities in Osaka, Okayama, and Ibaraki, we have established a robust supply network across Japan.
Since 2000, we have been involved in developing products related to infertility treatment. With the launch of “HiGROW series” of products related to in vitro fertilization in 2017, we entered the field of infertility treatment and assisted reproductive technology (ART) in earnest.

To bring innovative medicines to patients as quickly as possible, our company works tirelessly to develop superior medicines that address the patients’ unmet medical needs This quest is fostered through close collaboration between our R&D Center, universities, research institutes, and drug development companies in Japan and abroad.
Despite the challenging times faced by the pharmaceutical industry, we remain steadfast in our determination to fortify the healthcare industry and contribute to its growth.

Published in June 2024
President and Representative Director
Mikio Toda

About Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.