About Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd. Company History

The history of Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd. from its founding.
1937(Showa 12)
Established Yamato Shokai, Ltd.

On March 25, 1937, Yamato Shokai, Ltd., was established in Minami-ku, Osaka (currently Higashisinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka) as a company engaged in the sale of glucose, which was domestically produced at the time.

1943(Showa 18)
Established Imazato Factory

The Imazato Factory was established in Higashinari-ku, Osaka, and entered the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, including manufacturing glucose injections.

  • Glucose Injection
  • Ringer’s Solution
  • Isotonic Sodium Chloride Solution
1946(Showa 21)
  • Vitan-on Injection
  • Water for Injection
1947(Showa 22)
10th-anniversary ceremony

Photo showing colleagues at the time surrounding the former president in front of the Inari shrine at the Imazato First Factory.

1948(Showa 23)
Established Imazato second Factory

The Imazato Second Factory, with its distinctive sawtooth roof, began operations immediately after the Imazato First Factory was destroyed by a fire that broke out in a neighboring house.

  • Vitamin C Injection
1949(Showa 24)
Changed Company name

The company name was changed to Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd. The photo shows the Imazato Second Factory office and the current company name, which has been changed.

1951(Showa 26)
  • Salsobabilon Injection
1952(Showa 27)
Started expansion of sales offices

Established the local office in Okayama (shown in photo) and branch offices in Osaka and Tokyo. Currently, 20 sales offices, including 10 branch offices and 10 local offices, are located throughout Japan.

  • Pleamin Injection
1953(Showa 28)
Relocated the main office to Doshomachi

The main office from Higashi-Imazato, Higashinari-ku, Osaka, was relocated to the Osaka Sales Office in Doshomachi, Higashi-ku, Osaka City (at the time).

1954(Showa 29)
  • Neo Caldoramin
1957(Showa 32)
Established Joto Factory

Built and operated the Joto Factory in Morinomiya, Joto-ku, Osaka, with the efforts of all employees after closing the Imazato Factory. The upper part of the photo shows the ruins of the Osaka Artillery Arsenal.

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