Stable Supply System

The Ibaraki Factory Second Formulation Building

As a leading dialysate manufacturer, a second formulation building was constructed within the Ibaraki Factory in 2016 to expand the production and supply capacity of powdered dialysate.

To further enhance the stability of the supply system,  a new powdered dialysate line has been in operation since January 2024.

Site area 68,800㎡(Entire Ibaraki factory)
Location1471-25, Nakagocho, Hitana, Kitaibaraki-shi, Ibaraki, 319-1556 GoogleMap
Manufacturing itemsPowder dialysate

Powder dialysate formulation building with one of the largest mixers in Japan

Filling equipment

Powder mixer

    Integrated manufacturing of powdered dialysate

    Powder dialysate is produced at the Ibaraki factory.
    The factory has three mixers and is specialized in the production of powder dialysate.
    The second formulation building was a six-story building with a formulation section from the 6th to the 2nd floor and a packaging and filling section on the 1st floor.    

    Multi-story warehouse

    Contributing to the Reduction of Environmental Impact

    The multi-story warehouse in the second building formulation uses a light-concentrating device called a skylight tube, which utilizes natural light to replace daytime lighting in the warehouse.

    Certifications, awards, and initiatives of the Ibaraki Factory


    2014NovemberJapanese Red Cross Society Red Cross Silver Medal of Merit
    2022NovemberJapanese Red Cross Society Red Cross Gold Medal of Merit
    2012JuneKanto Koshin’etsu Region Hazardous Materials Safety
    Association Chairman’s Award for distinguished service for the safety of hazardous materials and the enhancement of facilities and safety.

    Carbon Neutral Initiatives

    The newly added No. 2 line was designed with sustainability in mind based on our accumulated manufacturing experience. It achieves stable and efficient manufacturing and energy conservation and has been certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as eligible for the “Investment Promotion Tax Credit for Going Carbon Neutral.”