Stable Supply System

The Ibaraki Factory First Formulation Building

The Ibaraki Factory is located in the Nakago Industrial Park, just below Nakago SA on the Joban Expressway, and was established in May 1995 as a production and supply base for dialysate and infusion products in eastern Japan.

With a site area of 68,800 m² and a total floor area of 61,800 m², which is larger than the Okayama Factory, we established the Second Formulation Building in 2016 to fulfill our social mission of ensuring high quality and stable product supply as a leading manufacturer of dialysis and infusion products.

Of these, the First Formulation Building primarily produces liquid dialysate and infusion solutions.

Site area 68,800㎡(Entire Ibaraki factory)
Location1471-25, Nakagocho, Hitana, Kitaibaraki-shi, Ibaraki, 319-1556 GoogleMap
Manufacturing itemsLiquid dialysate, infusion, and injections (plastic bottles, bags, and ampoules)

The largest factory of Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries

Fully equipped with multiple features

The Ibaraki Factory is the largest of Fuso Pharma’s four factories and includes two distribution buildings, a formulation building     , multi-story automated warehouse , a power building, quality control building, an office building, and a water-treatment facility.

The production base for dialysate and infusion products in eastern Japan

Inside the filling machine

Conveyor for packaging process

    Production of liquid dialysate and various forms of infusion

    The Ibaraki Factory First Formulation Building is a production base in eastern Japan that supports the Company’s production of dialysate and infusion solutions, of which the Company is a leading manufacturer. Dialysate, for which we have the leading market share, is produced in a liquid form.

    For infusion solutions, the factory handles the production of various forms such as plastic bags and bottles.

    Certifications, awards, and initiatives of the Ibaraki Factory


    2014NovemberJapanese Red Cross Society  Red Cross Silver Medal of Merit
    2022NovemberJapanese Red Cross Society  Red Cross Gold Medal of Merit
    2012JuneKanto Koshin’etsu Region Hazardous Materials Safety
    Association Chairman’s Award for distinguished service for the safety of hazardous materials and the enhancement of facilities and safety.