About Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd. Company History

The history of Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd. from its founding.
1975(Showa 50)
  • Chichina Injection
1976(Showa 51)
  • Hirdsyn
1977(Showa 52)
40-th anniversary ceremony

Photo showing President Kohei Toda (at the time) speaking to all 1,000 employees at the 40-th anniversary ceremony.

1978(Showa 53)
Founder and former president Kohei Toda passed away

On December 2, 1978, former President Kohei Toda passed away. Photo showing the company funeral at Shitennoji Temple, Osaka.

  • Kindaly 3
  • Kindaly GF
  • TF-15
1979(Showa 54)
Mikio Toda Appointed President

Mikio Toda was appointed President and Representative Director in February 1979.

Established Joto second injection Factory

Constructed five floors of Joto Second Injection Factory to mass produce infusions at the Joto Factory site.

Established Daito Factory

Moved the oral drugs production department to the newly established Daito Factory at the foot of Mt Ikoma and closed the Kyobashi Factory.

1981(Showa 56)
Established Research and Development Center

Integrated the research and development facilities dispersed within the Joto Factory site into the north side of the Joto Factory, and established the Research and Development Center as a new Research and Development base.

  • Propleamin Injection
  • Kindaly AF-1
  • Kindaly AF-1P
1982(Showa 57)
Convertible bond issue

Issued 25 million Swiss francs (about ¥3 billion at the time ) convertible bond in Basel, Switzerland.

1983(Showa 58)
Listed on the First Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange

Listed on the First Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange. Capital: ¥1,647 million , Sales: ¥29,112 million.

  • Kindaly AF-1S
  • Sublood-A
1984(Showa 59)
  • Sohvita
  • Rahsen Tablet
1985(Showa 60)
Established Okayama Factory

Established the state-of-the-art Okayama Factory in Satosho-cho, Okayama Prefecture, as the production base for the stable supply of our main products.

1986(Showa 61)
Warrant bond issue

Issued US$ 50 million (about 8.5 billion yen at the time) in bonds with subscription rights in London. Photo showing the current president, Mikio Toda, in the center.

1987(Showa 62)
50-th anniversary ceremony

Celebrated the 50th anniversary and held a grand commemorative ceremony at the New Otani Osaka Hotel under the theme "Thanks to You, Half a Century."

  • FC Products (Plastic bag type infusion)
1988(Showa 63)
  • Nephro-Pleamin Injection
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